Provide total logistic management service in India

Shaurya Freight Unit manages warehousing, Inventory control, Cataloging, Sales and Purchase order processing, Labeling, Packaging, Domestic, Deliveries, Transportation, Distribution, Shipping and any other value added services.


Shaurya Freight Provide total logistic management service in India, allowing a customer to concentrate on his business entrusting the logistic to cargo specialists. For customers, the logistic management service has proven to be a cost efficient arrangement.

We take complete responsibility to Provide total logistic management service in India. Our experienced crew is adept in installing and dismantling the stands. We transport all the required materials such as standees, displays, signage and stall to the required place and after the completion of the event we dismantle it, transport to the workshop without the client having to worry about it.

In addition to the professional services of stall designing and fabrication, we also make arrangements for travel and accommodation. We handle corporate events and conference where from the arrangement of tickets and stay to the interior decoration and other arrangements are done by us.

Shaurya Frieght provides supply chain solutions in surface transportation, warehousing and distribution, in-plant logistics, customs clearance, and freight forwarding. It provides integrated warehousing services, such as inventory, KPI based, refurbish, and order fulfillment management; primary distribution and secondary transportation; third party procurement; in plant logistics, such as line feeding, re-engineering, and warehouse management; bonded warehousing; and additional services ranging from sub-assembly, packaging, customization, postponement, kitting, and sequencing to pre-retail activities in various industry sectors.